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Elastomeric Roof Coatings for contractors





AZ-TEC - SNOW-COAT Roof Coating

Acrylic polymer Elastomeric Roof Coating

• A top-grade coating designed for
maximum protection against sun & weather.

AZ-TEC - SNOW-COAT Roof Coating

DESCRIPTION: Snow-Coat roof coating is an acrylic polymer elastomeric roof emulsion. A top grade coating designed for maximum protection against sun and weather. The reflective value of this product helps to reduce interior temperature and protects the roof and roofing membrane by reducing heat absorption, asphalt oxidation and rapid thermal dimensional changes. It also decreases the chance of excessive loads placed on cooling equipment.
USES: Snow-Coat roof coating is a top grade product formulated to have exceptional resistance to mildew and fungus growth. Used to provide a durable, water resistant, decorative and energy saving finish for most sound roof surfaces. May be used over de-greased or weathered concrete, cured cold applied asphalt coatings, smooth surface roofings, most prepared mineral surfaced roofings and hot-mopped built-up roofing.





Elastomeric Roof Coatings for contractors
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