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Elastomeric Roof Coatings for contractors





AZ-TEC - SBS Modified Flashing Cement

• Great for SBS Modified Rolls and EPDM Roofs
• Flexes to Resist Cracking
• Superior Adhesion and Sag
• Forms Long Lasting Repairs

AZ-TEC - SBS Modified Flashing Cement

DESCRIPTION: AZTEC COATINGS™ SBS Modified Flashing Cement is a professional grade, polymer modified flashing cement specially formulated for use with modified bitumen membranes, base sheets and ply sheets. AZTEC COATINGS™ is manufactured using select asphalt, rubber, solvent and fibers. It provides excellent elongation and recovery properties plus enhanced adhesive properties and durability. It is ideal for seams, flashings and repairs on SBS modified membranes. AZTEC COATINGS™ is also excellent for repairs on conventional built- up roofing membranes where movement is expected to occur. AZTEC COATINGS™ eliminates burn hazards associated with hot kettles and propane torches, and is ideal where their use is prohibited.



Elastomeric Roof Coatings for contractors
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