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AZ-TEC - Aluminum Roof Coating


DESCRIPTION: AZ-TEC COATINGS™ Premium Non-Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating is a professional grade, UL Rated, 2 lb. aluminum reflective coating. It is formulated to provide the brightest and longest lasting finish. The high content of aluminum in this product enables it to form a brilliant silver shield to reflect the sun's destructive rays. Cooling costs can be significantly reduced while the underlying roofing materials are protected and preserved. Serves as a great rust inhibitor and will aid in the prevention or corrosion for metal surfaces.
PREPARATION: All surfaces must have proper drainage and be clean, dry and free of surface rust and any other foreign matter. Repair all leaks and problem areas with a proper patching compound and reinforcing fabric. Priming with an elastomeric asphalt emulsion is recommended. When applying this product over a new roof system or a solvent based product, surface must weather a minimum of 30 days and up to 90 days depending on application. DO NOT APPLY IF RAIN IS EXPECTED WITHIN 36 HOURS.
FOR BEST RESULTS: STIR CONTENTS BEFORE AND DURING USE AS REQUIRED. Aluminum pigment settles out and thorough stirring is necessary to re-disperse this component prior to use. A power drill mixer can be very helpful to mix product. In cold weather, store product in heated room (65°F to 80°F) at least 24 hours to coating.
APPLICATION: Protective clothing and eyewear should be used during application of this product. Always apply on a clear, warm sunny day. Apply in morning hours to allow maximum cure time. Temperatures must be above 50°F (for 24 hours) and rising, but not above 110°F. Mix coating and apply evenly using professional airless sprayer, brush or roller. Spread in both horizontal and vertical directions, overlapping ends of strokes. Avoid excessive build-up or puddling. When brushing, avoid scraping into existing roof surface. All finished strokes should be made in the same direction. When buying multiple containers, it is recommended to match the batch codes on the lids to avoid shade variances.
COVERAGE RATE (may vary depending on texture of surface): Built-up (roll roofing) 1 gal. per 75 sq. ft.; Smooth surface and Metal Roofing - 1 gal. per 100-125 sq. ft. Avoid foot traffic once applied.
SPRAY INFO: 500-1000 PSI, 0.61 Tip Size, 3-6 GPM (topcoat), 2-4 GPM (BUR)
This product is not recommended for use on wood, asphalt shingles. Standing water dulls aluminum, and may cause adhesion failure between the coating and substrate. In warmer weather, application to steep slopes may result in some running of the coating until fully dry.
CLEANUP: Clean tools with paint thinner or mineral spirits. PRECAUTIONS: Protective clothing and eyewear should be used during application of these products. When transporting this product, ensure that lid is tight and pail secure and upright. Do not allow pail to tumble as this will cause lid to loosen and leakage to occur. Do not transport on passenger seats or inside the passenger compartment of any vehicle. Store product in the cargo area of vehicle, and secure over protective cloths to prevent damage due to accidental spills. Do not store at temperatures above 110°F. The container should be tightly sealed to prevent solvent evaporation and to keep out moisture. WATER MAY REACT WITH ALUMINUM PIGMENT TO PRODUCE HYDROGEN GAS, AND EXPLOSION HAZARD. This manufacturer also disclaims liability for flat surface application where poor drainage or ponding water may prevail. Do not reuse empty containers. Close container when not in use.

For exterior use only. Contains petroleum based products. Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame. Eye, skin and respiratory irritant. In case of contact with eyes, flush with plenty of warm water. Persons with skin or respiratory sensitivity should not use product without sufficient protection. (NIOSH/MSHA TC 23C or equivalent). Avoid prolonged breathing of vapor or spray mist. Use only with adequate ventilation. In case of irregular or stopped breathing, administer oxygen and/or give artificial respiration. Get medical attention, immediately. Contact with skin should be followed by washing with soap and water. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call physician immediately. Do not use in drinking water or food systems. Seal container when not in use.
CALIF. PROP. 65 • CHEMICAL WARNING (CALIFORNIA HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE #25249.5 ET SEQ) Detectable amounts of some chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm may be found in various AZTEC COATINGS™ petroleum based products and their vapors. Read and follow label directions and information given on Material Safety Data Sheets and use care when handling or using all petroleum products.
VOC/VOS - 500 g/l max. (4.2 lbs./gal.)

Elastomeric Roof Coatings for contractors
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